Dog Training

Dave Clendenon - DOG TRAINER

  • Training, instructing, showing and competing for over 35 years
  •  Owner/Operator of largest dog training school in Utah for 20 years
  • Founder of Utah’s first Doggie Day Care program
  • I have personally trained hundreds of dogs and have instructed tens of thousands of students
  • I have taught hundreds of group classes and thousands of private lessons

Puppy Pre-School (3mo. to 5mo.) REGISTER

Three parts:

  1. Socialization with others puppies and other people
  2. Dealing with, solving and preventing problem behavior
  3. Intro to basic commands

Even though the main thrust of the PPS is socialization each week we talk about how to prevent and/or deal with unwanted behavior. During the six week course we also introduce some basic commands such as sit, come, and walking on lead.

Must have at least 2 sets of puppy shots.

  • PuppyPreschool April 16 @7pm
  • PuppyPreschool May 28 @7pm

Beginning Dog Training (5mo and older) REGISTER

Two parts:

  1. Introduction to competence with basic commands
  2. Dealing with and/or preventing unwanted behavior

The main purpose in the Beginning class is to help the participants become proficient with the basic commands of sit, heel, come, stay and go to you spot. Of course, we always entertain questions about dealing with unwanted behavior.

All group classes cost $130.00 for a six week course once a week, each class being 45 minutes in length. One could purchase a 2 Class package for $240.00 (PPS and Beginning or Beginning and intermediate).

Finished or up to date with all shots.

  • Beginning class April 17 @7pm
  • Beginning class May 28 @8pm
  • Beginning class May 29 @7pm

Intermediate Dog Training REGISTER

Intermediate is a continuation of "Beginning Dog Training" where we help the dog become more proficient with the commands we introduced in the "Beginning class" and help the owners learn how to get their dogs to whatever level of obedience they desire.

  • Intermediate class May 29 @8pm

Private Lessons

  • Private’s run 45 minutes and cost $110.00 or 3 Private Lesson’s for $300.00
  • Private sessions can be used for dealing with problem behavior, teaching commands, preparing your dog for performance events or conformation training.

    There is no pre-set curriculum for privates.

Boarding Add-Ons

  • Add-On training to boarding are 10 minutes in length and cost $20.00
  • Sessions can include whatever the client requests (within reason)

In-House Resort Training

  • This program consists of 4 weeks of training, two daily sessions 5 times a week (mon-fri).
  • Cost is $2900.00

The program also includes one 45 minute private lesson with the owner at the end of the 4 weeks at Briarcliff and a 6 week group class (taken by the owner). The unique part of this program is the dogs live in the house at the top of the hill (House Briarcliff) with the Training Director. The dogs in this program (if they are able to) get to run and play during a normal weekday with the other dogs in the house. Visits are allowed. The training consist of command and any behavior issues that might arise.

In-House Resort Boarding

This is our Premium Cage Free boarding option. Dogs stay at “House Briarcliff” getting to run and play during weekdays, in addition they eat and sleep in their own private extra large condo crates. Training Add-Ons are of course available. The cost for this Premium service is $75 per day.

Doggie Day Club (Starting in July)

This is our Cage Free day care program which operates Mon-Fri. Drop-off and Pick-Up for both Resort Boarding and Day Care are 6:30-8:30am and 4:30-6:30pm. Training Addons are also available.

Cost: 1 day $30 / 5 day pass $135 / 10 day pass $240 / 20 day pass $420

All passes are valid for 90 days